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Resolved! Router Firmware updating

Part of the process is to extract the file then confirm the MD5 number. How do you confirm that? When I extract the file its only one file which is the firmware file to upload to the router. 

RT-AX55 Wifi Router - password disabled to SSID

Strange thing happened.  Noticed that my 5 ghz SSID was not showing up on my laptop or my desktop. I booted up an android tablet for the first time since being on this new network setup. It pulled up the missing SSID but was not  password protected b...

AXE-11000, WIFI 6E and new macbook pro with M2 Pro

Hi,is there anyone who managed to run WiFi 6E with new macbook pro m2 pro that supports Wifi 6E?I have some hardware that supports 6 GHz and only Apple machine doesn't see 6G SSID I read suggestion that all bands should use the same SSID for Apple b...

GT-AXE16000 Poor Ethernet Performance

Hi all - I've done quite a bit searching on this topic, but haven't found a fix. I'm hoping that someone here can offer an assist!Current setup:Internet: Xfinity, 1200 down / 40 upCable modem: Arris S33 Router: GT-AXE16000The main issue I'm seeing is...

Block VPN

Is there anyway to block my step kids from using VPN's from my router? He uses Expressvpn. I have the Asus gaming router.

Mjs0708 by Level 7
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AXE 16000 - No 6GHz SSID

Greetings,I have a brand new Asus GT-AXE 16000 with mostly default settings with another Asus router connected in AiMesh node. Since out of the box, my new Alienware PC with an Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 adapter does not see the 6 GhZ SSID I setup. Both ...

AXE16000 new firmware11/22/2022

Looks like a new update is out. My system did not seem to pick it up.I noticed a check box for downloading Beta firmware, maybe I missed it earlier.Version

AXE16000: only 550Mbps via wifi6E 6GHz

Hi everybody.From my ASUS GT-AXE16000 i get only about 550 Mbps download speed via wifi 6E 6GHz to my HP Spectre x360 14-ef0003nl notebook. Via Ethernet cable i get over 2,2 Gbps. Firmware is (but i got the same results with the pre...

GT-AX11000 Pro AIMesh Companion

I currently have an AX11000 Pro that works great except at the opposite upstairs corner of the house where the 5Ghz gets sketchy(stupid floors and walls). I have a wired backhaul in that area where I can put in another router for an AIMesh system to ...

merula by Level 7
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