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GT-AXE16000 Poor Ethernet Performance

Hi all - I've done quite a bit searching on this topic, but haven't found a fix. I'm hoping that someone here can offer an assist!Current setup:Internet: Xfinity, 1200 down / 40 upCable modem: Arris S33 Router: GT-AXE16000The main issue I'm seeing is...

Cannot Forward Ports GT-AX11000

I'm trying to forward ports to my Unraid server. It's been awhile since I've messed with poer forwarding, but seems pretty simple. Go to WAN-Virtual Server/Port Forwarding. Give it a service name, Protocol udp, external port 51820 (Wireguard), and th...

Can't change 5Ghz second channel settings on GT-AX11000

I just got two GT-AX11000 routers, and am having this issue on both. I did update them to the latest firmware as the first thing before setting them up. If I go to the wireless settings for the 5Ghz-2 channel, when I try to save, I get a console erro...

Hastor by Level 7
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GS-AX3000 Crashes When Connected Device Looses Power

Ever since I got my GS-AX3000 with the latest firmware, I have had a problem whereby the router crashes when I turn off my Vizio Smart TV which is connected via ethernet. I originally started discussing it here. I have reported all this to Asus with ...

dpwhite by Level 7
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GT-AX11000 No Internet after reboot

everytime i reboot the router , thiers no internet, same thing if i turn off the router and back on, also has this problem with scheduled rebooti have trace this problem to port forwarding, if i have it enable its always like this, if i turn port for...

JeffLo by Level 10
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AXE-11000, WIFI 6E and new macbook pro with M2 Pro

Hi,is there anyone who managed to run WiFi 6E with new macbook pro m2 pro that supports Wifi 6E?I have some hardware that supports 6 GHz and only Apple machine doesn't see 6G SSID I read suggestion that all bands should use the same SSID for Apple b...

ASUS GT-AX11000 wan disconnect and reconnect

had a problem the other day, internet was turning on and off for 4 days last week, and i was trouble shooting the problem and notice everytime my internet goes off i quickly log in to my ax-11000 and see the wan is disconnected and after a min it co...

JeffLo by Level 10
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ax-11000 problem wan disconnection

Hi, right now i lose the internet connection with this log, i dont know what happened. Mar 27 22:24:07 awsiot[734927]: awsiot startMar 27 22:24:07 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(530): eth7: Auth 68:72:C3:81:A3:C8, status: Successful (0), rssi:0Mar 2...

AXE16000 new firmware11/22/2022

Looks like a new update is out. My system did not seem to pick it up.I noticed a check box for downloading Beta firmware, maybe I missed it earlier.Version