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AX11000 - Disable fallback?

Level 7
Hey there, just looking for some advice on improving the wifi connection between my mesh nodes, however I don't particularly know what I need to change.

My setup. I have a AX11000 as my main router (upstairs, where the fibre comes into the house) and two RT-AX NINE2U (one in the living room and on in the conservatory), each connect directly to the main router.

Things run pretty well most of the time, but I have this intermittent issue that from time to time (I assume a drop in signal quality) means that my living room node connects to the conservatory node, which means when I am watching streaming TV in the living room, I get an error from Plex/Smart TV to says theres a network error. I then take a look at the ASUS app, and I can see the node hast rerouted (hence causing the drop).

So my question is, what do I need to configure in the GUI to stop the the nodes connecting to each other, e.g. bind the node MAC/IP to the primary router? I only want the node to connect to the primary router without falling back to the other node.

Thanks in advance.