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PG329Q bright spots in the corners - IPS glow or backlight bleeding?

Level 7


just yesterday I randomly noticed that my PG329Q has blue-ish tinted bright spots in the upper left and in the lower right corner. I can absolutely not be sure how long they've been there, if it was like this all the time or if I just noticed today. It's not a huge deal and they are pretty small - the upper left one maybe 15x3mm and the lower right one like half a small coin - but I wondered what this might be.

If I move the monitor so I look from it from an angle more to the left, the spot in the right corner gets bigger - if I move the other way it disappears. Same with the one on the top, so essentially when I look on the monitor from outside the screen I don't see them anymore.


They're also best visible on blue/green-ish backgrounds and on grey/white, and barely noticeable when the screen is black. I had a really hard time photographing them with my phone, but I think I caught the gist of it.


Is that anything to be concerned about or to send the monitor to repair? I'm still in the warranty time, albeit closing in to the end of it.


PS: Yes I know my screen is dirty and I need to clean it




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @kdx 

Thank you for including images with your question, which helped us understand your issue promptly.
Based on your description, we believe this is a normal phenomenon.
We recommend referring to IPS LCD Glow/Bleed phenomenon explanation, which provides a detailed explanation of the underlying principles.

Thank you.