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ROG Chakram X Joystick problem

Level 8
Hi all!

I bought this mouse last month. When I use joystick in profile 3 with USB and Bluetooth all working correctly, but then I switch my mouse in RF-module mode, in coordinate «X» my mouse change left side of joystick to right side and right side to left side (inversion). With coordinate «Y» all okay. I unable to find any option to fix this in Armoury Crate and Windows 11 settings.

What should I do?

Hi im_xga

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Are you looking to invert the settings? You can do this in Steam.

Enter Big Picture Mode.

My problem is that in all games, when connected via 2.4 gigahertz (RF-module), joystick movements along the «X» coordinate are invested. Other connection modes do not have this problem. This problem occurs not only in Steam, but also in other games that support joystick settings - for example War Thunder, which are installed from official website (non-Steam).

So you're saying movement with the joystick in 2.4GHz wireless mode inverts the joystick movement.

I'll see if I can replicate.

Sorry for the late reply.

I tried the joystick in Destiny 2 wired and wireless and it's working ok, there was no inversion with X or Y when going wireless.

I used profile 3 for the test.

What can be done in my case? I don't know of any way to reset the mouse to factory settings or flash it. I can also give you access to my PC and show you what's going on PC if needed. In safe mode, the problem is similar.


Thank you very much for help, Dear Moderator!

I'm solve this problem by reinstall Steam and delete mouse & keyboard device of Chakram X in «Devices and Printers» Windows 11 control panel section.

You're welcome and great to hear.

Thank you for reporting and providing your solution.