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Please read before posting any new Spatha threads

Community Manager
Community Manager
Several different threads for ROG Spatha issues have already been posted. Even though the nature of the issues may vary, it is apparent now that most are caused by one particular usage. The Spatha was not designed to have both the mouse and the dock connected to the PC at the same time. By doing so, the profiles may be corrupted, resulting in a variety of side-effects which vary from PC to PC.

While for some, there could be no issues at all, some ran into issues when switching between wired and wireless, some could not change profiles settings, some had tracking issues, and so on.

If your Spatha is not working as it should:
1. Please revert to an older version of Armoury:
3. Revert all profiles to defaults.
4. Test the mouse settings for each profile.
5. Uninstall Armoury I, then upgrade to latest Armoury again. (2.06.06)
6. Only connect the Spatha or dock - not both.
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