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ROG Strix Go Core Moonlight White faulty wire

I've been having issues with proper audio coverage. I decided to get a new headset from my 3year old wired headset. I bought this new one at the end of last summer and ran into this issue from one side of the headset not working only 2months after. i...

asus rog delta s wireless, mic problems

when i am talking on discord and other places my mic is good for some time and then the sound from the mic get so bad other people can't hear what i am saying, is there a fix for this?  i just got the headphones so they are completaly new, if there n...

Asus ROG Delta needs a firmware update

Hi All, Anyone else having issues with ROG Delta headset with the firmware version of v152? Everytime Armoury Crate updates the firmware to v152 I always loose to ability to change any sort of EQ or Bass or any other settings on the Delta page of Arm...

ROG Theta 7.1 Volume Issue

Hey Folks, So I recently purchased the Theta 7.1 headset to upgrade my ROG DELTA and I have discovered a weird issue when changing the output to 7.1 from stereo in ROG ARMORY. when using 7.1, all sounds become much quieter. I have to use the headset ...

Rog Theta 7.1 sound "clicks"

Hello,I've got this headset and I have a strange problem. When I listen audio source with interrupts (ifor example a debate, when someone stops to talk) I hear a "click". Very annoying with an audio which alternate sounds and blanks. I tried the head...

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