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Asus RoG Delta - Microphone background noise

Level 7

since I'm working from home with my wife in the same room, I noticed that the microphone of the Asus RoG Delta picks up every little sound/noise from almost everywhere in the house. I tried to adjust some settings using the Armoury Crate tool without success. Same for free (but old) 3rd party tools like NoiseGator.

Is anybody else experiencing that and is it just a limitation of the default microphone hardware?

Level 7
Hi. I also have same exact issue with the background voice. It even picks up a dog bark from outside (it doesn't have any noise filter or cancellation at all). We really thought mic had a problem and sent for inspection, but no it was working "perfectly" we have been informed by the service.. I really need help about this matter. Already tried all armoury crate, windows settings, setting every option, disabling all or some also through discord.