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🚨 Intel NUC Nightmare with ASUS Support 🚨

Level 7

I bought an Intel NUC, which died after just a few months – no power, completely dead. When I contacted Intel, I found out ASUS now handles their tech support. This is where my nightmare began.

I called ASUS and, without any troubleshooting, they told me to RMA the device. I filled out their form, including details like the power cable and AC adapter, as requested.

After a week, I received a replacement NUC in a plain box – clearly refurbished, but fine. Except, they didn’t return my power cable or AC adapter! Multiple calls later, I was promised a solution in 24-48 hours. Days passed (weekend included), and I had to follow up myself. They finally agreed to send a replacement power source but had to source it from China.

Two weeks later, UPS delivered only the AC adapter – no power cable. Another call to ASUS, another escalation, and still no resolution.

I found a similar power cable and got the NUC to power up, but it just flashed the blue light perpetually with no output on the screen. So, I had to call ASUS support again. After more waiting, they advised another RMA. Desperate for a working system, I bought another NUC, which worked fine.

ASUS determined my refurbished NUC needed another RMA. I sent it in, waited 24-48 hours, received another unit, and guess what? Same issue – blinking power button, no POST, even with a known good AC adapter.

Back on the phone with ASUS, they suggested more troubleshooting and another RMA. This endless cycle has left me without a working device for over a month. ASUS offers no real solutions or options beyond RMA, and their support is abysmal.

I never chose to deal with ASUS – Intel sold their support to them. It's incredibly frustrating and disappointing to be stuck with such poor customer service. If the next NUC fails, it’s back to RMA. ASUS has shown they are incapable of providing adequate support, and this has been an infuriating experience.

#CustomerServiceFail #ASUS #IntelNUC #TechSupportNightmare


Level 8

My name is Adrian from the ASUS Customer Loyalty Team here at our North America Corporate Office. If you would allow it, I would be more than glad to help provide a resolution to this case. Please email me the details below so I can work with related personnel to get this straightened out.


Product S/N:

RMA #:

Complete Shipping Address:

Full name:




My email is [email][/email].:

As expected, I sent my email to you with my case number and there was no reply. This is what I've come to expect from ASUS support.

Level 8

I'm sorry for the late reply to the email. Please see my email for further instructions. 

Level 7

I was told "We only ship barebone replacement". I can't even discern what this means to my issue. Does this mean you wouldn't reimage the device with Windows 11 or something? Why did nobody in support mention this either?

Oh my goodness... You do not send back a system with RAM?! I sent the original system in with the original configuration from the manufacturer, and you do not send back RAM?!

For context, I opened my second RMA device that is still here, and there are no RAM sticks. I checked the documentation and instructions related to my product, and there is nothing in there that says I need to remove the RAM to keep it safe from ASUS robbing me of my original purchase materials and not replacing them.

Hey, not meaning to burst your bubble but Intel do specifically state in their RMA guidelines for NUCs to remove the memory modules and hard drives, also power adaptors.



There are three different products listed from your screenshot. I only purchased the MiniPC, as the word "Kit" doesn't appear anywhere on the product description, but Mini PC absolutely does.

I did add an SSD to the NUC, but I removed it before sending it in so that it would be as it was from the manufacturer.