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Re: SD card reader no longer work

Level 7

Sadly, I came here also looking for a solution. It doesn't seem ASUS has one. So I have a product that is defective and it sounds like a replacement will likely just fail in the same way. ASUS should do something to rectify this. Then again, I got screwed when the cord on my ROG Centurion broke. ASUS couldn't just let me purchase a replacement cord or anything. They wanted to charge me to have their techs tell me that the cord was broken (the HDMI connector was sheered off in an accident) + shipping. I am now on Steelseries headphones. Still have ASUS MOBO and GFX Card. Worried I will get screwed again. I guess EVGA may have spoiled me. I actually expect good service. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Farinhir ,

based on your issue, we have left a message for you in the private messages. Please provide the relevant information there. Thank you.