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[DRIVERS] Intel DTT/GNA (5xx/6xx/7xx/8xx)

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Hi everyone,

- Intel DTT Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers : 9.0.11701.44281 WHQL [23/05/2024]
IPF Drivers : 2.2.10001.3 WHQL [22/05/2024]
Download : Link
Install/Update Process :

Launch "Install.cmd" by right-click Run as admin > Automatic restart when install is done

- Intel GNA Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers : WHQL [14/11/2023]
Download : Link

Install/Update Process :

- Press Windows key + X > Device Manager > Right-click on your Intel GNA device > Update driver > Browse my computer for driver software
- Browse... > Select the extracted drivers folder (GNA_Intel_v...) > Next

OS requirements : Windows 10 64 bit or more recent.
Hardware requirements - DTT : Motherboards with Intel 6xx/7xx/8xx series chipsets with DTT enabled in the BIOS.
Hardware requirements - GNA : Motherboards with Intel 5xx/6xx/7xx/8xx series chipsets with GNA enabled in the BIOS.


If you want to manage the drivers (remove old/unused drivers for example) that you have in your Windows DriverStore
Use Driver Store Explorer (Right click on "Rapr.exe" > Run as administrator).

If you want better interrupts delivery latency
Enable MSI (Message Signaled-based Interrupts) mode on all your supported devices (see the column "supported modes") with
MSI Mode Utility (Right click on "MSI_Mode_Utility_v3.exe" > Run as administrator).
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Yep same issue here, Asus need to update the driver for the newest app version from the MS store.

Level 8

Asus, where is the updated driver? It shouldn't take this long to provide a link to the DTT software Intel says you have been provided with. 

Level 7

Just found a video on benchmark with 40 games, disabling hyperthreading in the 13900 series, and interestingly, both Metro Exodus and Rainbow Six were right at the top of the list of benefactors, suggesting there is a connection with what Intel is doing with this APO.

APO uses e cores/hyperthreading. There is no connection.

Level 9

Level 40

Hi everyone,

- Intel DTT Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers : 9.0.11405.42569 WHQL [15/02/2024]
IPF Core Drivers : 1.0.11405.42038 WHQL [19/01/2024]
IPF Extensible Framework Drivers : 2.1.10104.12 WHQL [22/01/2024]

Thread updated.

Level 40

Hi everyone,

If Intel DTT is enabled in your BIOS but have trouble using Intel APO, follow these processes with the last drivers :


/!\ If you already had Intel Application Optimization installed /!\
Uninstall it (Start > Settings > Apps) then restart your PC
Launch Driver Store Explorer > Check the boxes of all versions of these drivers (if you find them) :
dtt_ext.inf | dtt_sw.inf | dttcfg_ext.inf | dttcfg_sw.inf | dttui_ext.inf | dttui_sw.inf | ipf_acpi.inf | ipf_cpu.inf | ipf_ef_ext.inf | ipf_ef_sw.inf
Check the box "Force Deletion" then click on the "Delete Driver(s)" button


Launch "Install.cmd" by right-click Run as admin > Automatic restart when install is done
Go in "Apps" folder > Install your app from the Microsoft Store shortcuts

on my way

Learn, Play Enjoy! We help and collaborate, NOT complain!

Level 12

thanks for the quick update MoKiChU. drivers worked like a charm with APO on 13th gen.

Level 13

appears still only work on 13th and 14h.

But is ok! .


Let me try again. and yes is active on bios

i follow the guide just in case.

thanks boss maybe one day intel drop nice news for 12th gen. thanks boss. i see 13th having a party... jejej enjoy!

Learn, Play Enjoy! We help and collaborate, NOT complain!