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[DRIVERS] Intel DTT/GNA (5xx/6xx/7xx/8xx)

Level 40

Hi everyone,

- Intel DTT Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers : 9.0.11701.44281 WHQL [23/05/2024]
IPF Drivers : 2.2.10001.3 WHQL [22/05/2024]
Download : Link
Install/Update Process :

Launch "Install.cmd" by right-click Run as admin > Automatic restart when install is done

- Intel GNA Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers : WHQL [14/11/2023]
Download : Link

Install/Update Process :

- Press Windows key + X > Device Manager > Right-click on your Intel GNA device > Update driver > Browse my computer for driver software
- Browse... > Select the extracted drivers folder (GNA_Intel_v...) > Next

OS requirements : Windows 10 64 bit or more recent.
Hardware requirements - DTT : Motherboards with Intel 6xx/7xx/8xx series chipsets with DTT enabled in the BIOS.
Hardware requirements - GNA : Motherboards with Intel 5xx/6xx/7xx/8xx series chipsets with GNA enabled in the BIOS.


If you want to manage the drivers (remove old/unused drivers for example) that you have in your Windows DriverStore
Use Driver Store Explorer (Right click on "Rapr.exe" > Run as administrator).

If you want better interrupts delivery latency
Enable MSI (Message Signaled-based Interrupts) mode on all your supported devices (see the column "supported modes") with
MSI Mode Utility (Right click on "MSI_Mode_Utility_v3.exe" > Run as administrator).
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@Yakumo wrote:

Though virustotal does not find any issue for a scan of DTT_Intel_v9.0.11406.42226 .zip, as its' not from an official source I'm a little concerned that


Nobody put a knife to your throat : If you are concerned with what I offer in my threads or if what I offer in my threads does not suit you, just don't come to my threads anymore and stick with the drivers from your motherboard support page.

I remind you that I do not work for ASUS (everything I do for the ASUS ROG community is out of passion, on a voluntary basis), I'm not selling anything, and I'm not asking for any donation.

@Yakumo wrote:

All have no digital signature, while in the earlier V1.0.11401.39039  release sourced from Asus's support page for z790 prime, all of those files have valid digital signatures.

Fake. Go check the drivers from your motherboard support page before making such assertions (for your information whatever the drivers, only the .dll/exe are signed by the manufacturer and countersigned WHQL by Microsoft, the .inf are never signed, however be aware that modifying the slightest bit of a .inf breaks the attached WHQL signature and Windows will no longer allows the driver to be installed).

Level 40

Hi everyone,

- IPF Extensible Framework Drivers have been added to this drivers package :

MoKiChU wrote:
Intel DTT Drivers (Drivers Only) :
Drivers : 9.0.11401.39039 WHQL [12/09/2023]

- "Apps" folder containing Microsoft Store direct shortcut to the Intel Application Optimization app (usable only with Intel Core 14xxx series CPU or newer) have been added to this drivers package :

MoKiChU wrote:
Intel DTT Drivers (Drivers Only) :
Drivers : 9.0.11401.39039 WHQL [12/09/2023]

Thread & drivers package updated.

The drivers for DTT doesn't seem to work or are missing something:

on 13900k I am getting following error:



The app is not supposed to work on your processor

Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 11, supported Intel® 14th Gen Core Platform or newer

It was recently announced that APO should be coming to 12th & 13 Gen soon, but as far as I know another BIOS update might be needed and it also needs to be enabled in BIOS. I don't have any supported games anyway, so I haven't tried to enable it yet, but hopefully soon. 

Z690 Hero, 12900K, BIOS 3701, MEI 2407.6.1.0, ME Firmware, 7000X Case, RM1000x PSU, ASUS TUF OC 3090TI, 2 x 16GB Corsair RAM @ 5200MHz, Windows 11 Pro 23H2, Corsair H150i Elite AIO, 4x Corsair RGB fans, 3x M.2 NVME drives, 2x SATA SSDs, 2x SATA HDs.

For ROG z790 13 gen its already in the bios but the app is not working.

Level 12

just giving people a heads up DTT driver  9.0.11406.42226 still does not allow 12th or 13th gen users to use APO. i guess we either need to wait for intel to update APO or release the newest DTT.

You also need the bios to be able to use APO on the 12th-13th generation.

bios DTT is enabled.

Level 9

New DTT drivers do no work with intel application optimizer. Go back to the ones on asus website and it works again, but there is no advanced option using that driver.