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System navigation.png

 Welcome back to ROG Phone Mastery!
in this edition, we will introduce the "System Navigation" feature!


What is "System Navigation"?
This feature allows you to modify system operations based on your usage habits.


How to Use "System Navigation"?
First, go to Settings / Display / System Navigation.



 Choose the desired System Navigation mode:


 Gesture Navigation

System navigation.gif


To go Home, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
To switch apps, swipe up from the bottom, hold, then release.
To go back, swipe from either the left or right edge.



Tap the gear icon to make more detailed adjustments, including sensitivity and whether to hide the gesture indicator.



Navigation Bar

System navigation_.gif

 Go back, Home, and switch apps using buttons at the bottom of your screen.


Tap the gear icon to modify virtual key settings.




Tap the Recent Apps key to customize its function according to your preferences.



Want to customize your phone's system operations?
Give the "System Navigation" feature a try!