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Raz3r D3sk

Level 9

Been busy lately with cleaning up and refreshing the original 'L3p D3sk'. (Yes it's still alive!)

Since Cross is completely tested .. well .. I have an empty prototype here.

So I thought .. why not create my own ultimate gaming and overclocking dream.
This time with a fully acrylic pipe loop, Bitspower fittings and .. off course in UV green.
Also moved the desk to my 'modcave'.

Will use a lot of components from previous projects and ... ALL fittings I have here + some extra.
Going to do what I love to do .. just fool around with UV and play with the loop 🙂

There will be some surprises in this build 😉

The outcome may differ from the renders.
Also please don't post pictures from my facebook here, it might be ahead sometimes from the buildlogs 🙂


Cross by Red Harbinger (early prototype)
DimasTech® Bench Table Hard
Intel i7 4770K²
Asus Maximus Formula VI²
Asus GTX690²
Asus GTX680
Asus 23? MX239H³
Corsair Dominator GT 16GB Quad 2133Mhz²
Corsair Neutron 240GB²
Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB²
Corsair Gaming Audio SP2500
Cooler Master V Series V1000²
Razer DeathStalker Ultimate - Ouroboros - Orbweaver - Tiamat - Vespula - Orochi

Laing D5 x4
TFC Admiral 360³
Gelid Wing 12 UV Green x16
Lamptron CW611²
Mayhems 10 Ltr Ultra Pure H2O
Mayhems UV Laser Green Dye
Bitspower Black Sparkle Fittings
Bitspower Crystal Links
Bitspower Clear Plexi Blocks
UV Green acrylic 2m²

Made possible by:
(Also from previous projects)


Level 15
Good to see you managed to put that clear cabinet to use mate! 😉 Eagerly looking forward to seeing you put this build together 😄

Level 9
Thanks Myk, will do my best 😄

Level 9
Thank you for following this project 🙂

I already got the question a few times "Already have an update?" and "When will it be finished?"
No idea, I'm not competing in casemod competitions. (Wouldn't be fair with all the sponsoring imo) and
I do this as a hobby next to 2 jobs and a family.
So I'll be looking for a spot to do something constantly as the other 3 'things' are more important.
And also the question "Why so many sponsors?"
No idea, they just want to help on this project. Would you say no? 🙂
It's certainly no full sponsored build by the way, had to save up for it bigtime.
Anyway .. I'm happy, they're happy .. hopefully you too 🙂
Preparing this build started very slowly even before the Parvum build.
So testing and choosing certain products.

Different kinds of UV green acrylic.

And off course some tests with Mayhems coolant/dyes.

The fans, Gelid Wing 12 UV Green

and some UV lights added.

One of the best packages I ever got.

But more about that an other time 🙂

It's about the different Radguards I'm going to use now.

Will be using the acrylic version behind the aluminum to create an illuminated edge.

Works great with the UV leds on it 🙂

Meanwhile playing around with a DSLR from a colleague.
Finally after 3 years got myself a Canon 600D!

Best looking radiators I had in my hands till now.
Thanks Martin!

The Cooler Master V1000's, Lamptron CW611's and the ssd's from previous projects.

Got one of these in my own pc now too. JonnyGuru approved 🙂

Level 9
2 controllers for 2 separate pc's.

So .. lets play with the rads, fans and UV leds.

The effect I want to have. Still need to get a lot more UV/blue ledstrips.

Stickers gone.

24 x M4 hex bolts later. (For just one rad)

I have hidden one small UV ledstrip inside the Radiator.

Still in doubt if I'm also going to use a ledstrip all around the desk aiming downwards.
Will do good to the rest of the UV active material.

The 'double' Radguards.

The ones in the back will need to be modified because there are no 480 acrylic radguards.

Lovely to work like this 😛

Till the next update!

Level 15
Mate, I absolutely LOVE you're using the acrylic rad guards behind the alu ones, it's going to be so epically beautiful!! ♥♥♥ it so far 😄

Level 40
I seriously enjoy your work - have subscribed and keep posting the work log up.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 9
Thanks Myk & HiVizMan! Really appreciate it!

Here another small update including some products which I will have to show in front off course.

Playing around with different acrylic ideas and samples.

And ... the Bitspower package.

Vincent .. you're awesome!

For the full unpacking please click below.

Here the package from ASUS Benelux

And some products from previous projects.

Total picture.

Thanks Sven/TL!

Best looking mainboard I've ever seen.

First package arrived from

Lovely thing to do in the sun.

Sometimes you'll even have to sacrifice your 30 minute break at work 🙂
Nice tools that I don't have at home.

Lovely day and place to work 🙂

Level 9
And a lovely day of blocking.

Don't want to see any more heatpads 🙂

I just love clear acrylic.

First test with the acrylic.

Thinking of adding a layer of black vinyl or removing the rubbertape on the desk and re-attach it on the acrylic.

And the second package from
Thanks Red Harbinger & Freddy!

Made them shine a little more. (They were fully frosted)

Another night of mounting.

Love it!

Level 14
love it as always 🙂
but i think you need more fittings 😜