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[Project] L3pipe

Level 9

After several deskbuilds, lots of UV green and upgrade of my own desk it's time for something else 🙂
I also resigned from Red Harbinger, hopefully I can spend 100% on my passion again .. modding and liquidcooling!

Click for Final photoshoot!

This might become one of my most challenging projects ..
A casemod ... without a case.

First packages already came in.
Wish me goodluck! 🙂


Intel i7 5930K
Asus X99 Deluxe
LG 34U95-P 34″ 3440×1440
Parvum Systems Custom Frame
Nvidia Geforce Reference GTX980 2X
Nvidia 2-Way SLI Bridge
Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB DDR4 2400Mhz Octo-kit!
Corsair Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit 4X
Corsair Force Series™ LX 512GB 2X
Corsair HXi Series HX1000i
Corsair White sleeved Cable Kit
Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB
Corsair Vengeance M65 RGB
Corsair Vengeance MM200
Corsair Commander Mini
Corsair Link Lighting Node
Corsair SP120 LED White 10X
Bitspower Fittings
Bitspower Reservoirs
Bitspower Pumptops
Bitspower Flowsensors
EKWB Cpu Block
EKWB Backplates
EKWB Radiators
EKWB Pumps
EKWB Liquid
Nanoxia PETG

Made possible by:


Level 15
WOW!!! this is an insane and bold idea mate, I look forward to seeing how it turns out 😄

Level 10
Bold. Daring. Ingenious, but most likely fragile.

F*ck yeah.
Say hi to the next generation.

Peace is a lie, there is only Passion

Through passion, I gain strength

Through strength, I gain victory

Through victory, my chains are broken

The Republic of Gamers shall free me

Level 11
can't wait to see more pics on this build..
Current: MSI Xpower Gaming Titanium | 7700K | G Skill Ripjaws V 3000 16Gb | 960 EVO 500Gb | Intel 730 480Gb | Seasonic 1000 Platinum |
NZXT X62 | Acer XB270HU | EVGA 1080 ti FTW3

Secondary: R4BE | 4930K | G.SKILL 2400 16GB | Corsair AX 1500i
Intel 730 240GB + 480GB | EVGA GTX780 ti sli kpe | Custom H20

Level 7
Awesome parts Peter,also the idea,I am sure that I will see something unbelievable,looking forward:)

Level 9
Thanks guys, have fun 😄

I will test the acrylic some more the coming days 🙂
(There is a possibility I will be using 12/10 PETG though which is almost unbreakable)

First unpack this amazing package from Bitspower.
This will hopefully be forming the construction 🙂

Unpacking by candlelight.

If you walk away he only needs 30 seconds to inspect and take ownership.

Again thanks a lot Vincent for the cooperation!

Level 9
These days are crazy busy at home and at work so didn't have time for an update yet 🙂

First another package before I can show my ideas.

White coolant.

Could be I will cancel one 240 or 360.

Should do it for 2 loops 🙂

Always liked this most, clear blocks.

There will be an acrylic top incoming for the X99 mosfet block.

Replaced the cpu bracket with a nickel plated one.

Total pic.

Thanks again Niko and Peter!

A lovely evening of bolting..


And a first impression.

From Azerty and Intel Netherlands.

And from Asus Benelux.

Ready to install.

Checking how the Deluxe will look without the white panels and covers.

Will use the white I/O panel myself though.

Because I had some problems in the past after mounting blocks, testing the system this time in a temporary case.

To get my ideas I usually put something like this on my desk for a week.
I was looking for a Dominator Platinum style.

And on a Saturday morning I start messing with Sketchup 🙂

After a lot of running up and down to the attic to measure.

Not sure yet if the grey parts will be aluminum or acrylic.

Thanks Corsair, Nvidia, Asus, Azerty and Intel!

Here's a small giveaway for you all 🙂

Happy new year to every one!

Level 9
I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas!

Here the hardware I will be using on this project.
It's the biggest honor to be able to carry out my passion with the brands which
were also my favorite before I started modding.
Doing this all in one big post, sorry for the amount of awesomeness!

First the Corsair package.

This came as a big surprise, didn't expect a 64GB Octo kit.

Can't wait to play with this. (And the rest off course)

An evening of bolting lightbars.

Straight from Nvidia USA.


Level 9
A nice evening of blocking 🙂

Perfect to remove EK logo's and replace them.


But first the original Nvidia SLI bridge ..
Want to polish it and have a little problem.
I don't want to place the GPU's that close together and the spaced-slot bridge wasn't an option with the X99 Deluxe.

First dismantle it.

This is the space I need, just one slot further.

And took it apart even more.

While brainstorming also got an other idea.

Let's first sand and polish.

And clean it up again.

Got taken care of very well 😉

Also done!

Just going to use the other bridge with the original housing. Do need to isolate it with some tape.

Cut away the top green layer so I will be able to use a white or blue one.

Because I'm going to use the Corsair Link Commander also decided to use the Corsair RGB LED strips 🙂

Add glue and wait 🙂