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Project - Alternate (Custom PC Desk Build)

Level 9

Project Alternate: PC in a desk scratch build & MODs

Hi all,
After what feels like a very long year I have decided to start work on my new desk build.
The idea for this desk came to me when i was working on my last desk & at one point I almost started the project
again, but I'm glad i didn't

Most people liked the desk & I learned a great deal during the build.

The Project Alternate design slightly changed month by month & I will show some of the other plans & explain why the changes was made.
This time I'm hoping to outdo my last desk & hopefully help others in the process.

The desk work is about to start, using mostly MDF, Perspex, clay, metal & glass I plan to build the desk in 3 parts,
starting from the bottom, then middle followed by the top section.
the tricky parts will be the sharp corners & angles on the edges.

In making the desk in 3 parts it will allow for easy transport from my garden shed to my
very small room/office.

I plan to have the 2 reservoirs just under the top shelf so i can see the water flowing by 🙂

have a couple of different layouts for the internal components,
but want to wait until the top compartment is built so I can see IRL what looks & works best.

For the specs, I'm upgrading from my trusty i5-2500k to a i7-5820K, due to the CPU upgread I will also be using the new ASUS X99 TUF
motherboard & DDR4

This time I will also go with 3 screens at 1440p if possible, or 1X 4K screen, so my HD7970s will also need upgrading to a R9-295x2.

CPU - i7-5820k
MB - ASUS Sabertooth X99
RAM - 32GB Avexir Blitz 1.1 (DDR4)
GPU - ASUS R9-295x2
PSU - Cooler Master: V1200 Platinum
PSU2 - Cooler Master: GM750W
Fans - Cooler Master: Jet flow 120's & Cooler Master Silencio FP120 PWM
HDs - Western Digital Green 6TB - Barracudas x2 2TB - Wester Digital Green 1TB
SSDs - 2x Samsung EVO850s 250GB (500GB)
RADS - 2x Phobya G-Changer 360 RADs V.2
RES - 2x Phobya 450 reservoirs
CPU WB - Alphacool NexXxoS XP³ Light
PUMP - 2x Alphacool VPP655
GPU WB - Alphacool NexXxoS GPX
KB - CM Storm quickfire xti
Mouse - CM Storm Reaper

Build log 1

Build log 2

Build log 3

Desk top lift

Thanks to the sponsors.
Cooler Master UK, CM Storm, ASUS ROG, Phobya, OCOOL/Alphacool Mayhems GT Omega Racing & Avexir

For past & present MODs/Builds please check my Facebook & Youtube pages.


Level 9
here is one of the many 1st designs i did, had to change it due to the size 😞

After the wife told me to move all my model cars from the living room, this cabinet ended up in the garden, I was planing to use the glass from this
on the next build & was one of the main reasons the desk is so angled, I also love the Honda CBR600RR due to its sharp looking design & ofc Lambos have the same sharp designs that i love,
now due to the design changes I cant use the glass so will be using fresh cut glass or thick perspex.

The MDF for the 2 bottom sections along with most of the MDF for the middle have now been cut to size & I have started to assemble.

I was told to kit myself out with a face-mask & glasses when cutting MDF,
but the normal size face-mask was causing my glasses to steam up lol
So had to dig out my airsoft mask to use in conjunction with the small face-mask

Some of the bolts/screws I will be using to fasten the main parts together, they will make it more easy to remove with standard alan keys & should last longer.

Sides ready to be fasten to the bottom & back, soon as the miter edges are done

The hardest part so far, miter edges, very tricky & most the time i have to use scrap wood before doing the final peace or risk wasting some MDF

My 1st set of angled corners cut ready to use as shelf's/frame

Bottom left assembled

Level 9
A bit later than planed but finally got time now to update the log 🙂

Both bottom left & right shelf's/frames are completed, no permanent fittings just encase i have any problems moving the desk to the house,
This was by far the easiest part so far

The main compartment that will act as a frame for the top & hold the fans & other components - the RADs

Here im making some slots for the front panels that will be resting on the left & right side shelf's, doing so will help hold them im place as I screw them down

Moving the old desk build to a cooler master silencio 652s case..
Wrapping with some 3M vinyl wrap (brushed silver)

Case broken down ready for the wrap, fairly easy to do

Building from bottom to top, the sides are cut and attached with screws & glue,
decided to use some old wood for this part to test out the new saw & my skills with mitering

In the end I was so happy with the results I kept the old wood & didn't bother redoing them with MDF 🙂

This bit was tricky, wood too deep for the dremel, design to narrow for the multi tool 😞
Ended up having to use a bit of everything including a hand saw & blade.

Now time to cut the part that will allow my legs to go under the desk, then for the 1st time I can sit at the desk to get a feel for how it
will be when completed.

This is one of the drive bay holder cutouts, again with the older wood

The final update for this weekend is the start of the two shelf ends that will also act as speaker boxes

Hope you enjoyed the updates, please let me know your thoughts as I progress, good or bad, still time to change things if needed 😄

Have a nice weekend

Level 9
Over the past week some build items have arrived so I will cover them along with the case mod im doing
Moving the MEGA desk build (2013) in to the case to make room for the new desk & to ensure I have a working
computer during the build so I can keep you all updated 🙂

My 1st package had some Cooler Master bit n bobs that I will cover later in the build
along with my replacement tea cup & cap 😄

2nd package had the heart of the new build, A v1200 PSU along with Jet Flow 120mm RED fans & some
very nice Resonar in-ear buds so I can have some decent music as I'm working in the shed 🙂

And last thing I received this week was my new CPU, Intel i7-5820k witch will be a nice upgrade for me
the last CPU I was using was the i5-2500k.

Level 7
Looking very impressive, keep up the good work. Also, as far as saws for that sort of work, I'm very much a fan of Japanese style razor saws. Very precise, very sharp, reasonably priced (well, I get most of mine in japan itself, importing them might be harder) Beautiful tools that last a long while. You seem to be doing just fine with the tools already in your arsenal, though. Best of luck.


Level 9
Thanks mate, ok I will have a look at them later, most of the tools I have are mid-range .
They do the job but could be done batter. having to do some things with hand tools due to the aggressive rough cutting of my
power-tools lol
If i was planing on doing this all the time I would save up more cash for better gear...

cutting anything beyond 45 degree angles is very hard, I have to sand it to the shape i want by hand 😞

Level 7
I love the tools I've got, but the Japanese handsaws are some of the finest and best(you have to be careful though, or you'll snap them), here in the states lee valley stocks some japanese saws. I don't know where you are(I'm guessing UK by the teacup remark), so I'm not sure who would care them.

totalrognoob wrote:
(I'm guessing UK by the teacup remark)

lol,. yes im in the UK & i love my tea 😄
Think i found the handsaws your talking about on a popular online auction site, there going for about £20-£35
thats about 40-50 USD i think