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Completed my first build in 10 years with temps question

Level 7
As per the title, it has been quite a while since my last build. I am very happy with my new build with the build in my profile (in short, i7-12700k with H150i and Strix 3080). The only thing to add is I have 12 fans in my case (6 for push-pull exhaust on my AIO and 6 intakes in the slots on the front and right of the 5000X case).

I have done a lot of searching around and think I know the answers to a few questions, but figured I would ask.

My question is about temperatures (environment is usually 22c).

My CPU is usually around 29 at idle but gets to 89 under Cinebench load. I think idle is icy cold but a bit worried about the load. It sometimes gets voltage throttled (I turned on AI overclock and have XMP I for my memory) but never temperature throttled. I am guessing my load temp is fine but just making sure.

My GPU idles 36-38 but I keep the case and GPU fans at approx 50% to keep it there. It isn't noisy, but certainly not silent. Under load (Heaven at Ultra/Extreme) it climbs to 58. I feel like the idle is a bit warm (or at least, shouldn't take 50% fans to be high 30s) but I think the load temp is fine, but again just making sure after all the conflicting data I have seen out there.

Are these temps OK? Is idle "too" good and I can turn down my fans when I am working on email, etc?

Greatly appreciate any insights this fine community might have.

Level 7
Maybe can share the following
1. core temp.
2. CPU package temp.
5. Ambient temp.

Level 7
The CPU temps above are package temps. The core temps are over quite a spread with some being lower than package and some being around package temps.
The environmental temp is around 22.