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Sonic Suite installs?, but won't start

Level 7

Having issues with the Sonic bloatware.
I downloaded the latest Audio Driver for Windows 10 64-bit and I've installed, uninstalled, re-installed it for 5 times now with the exact same results.

I install the package, RealTek toast pop-up comes up in the end, prompting me to restart the computer. I restart the computer, try to start either Sonic Radar or Sonic Studio and get a 'The software cannot be opened. You should install your audio driver first.' error.

I even uninstalled the RealTek driver manually in Device Manager, disabled automatic install of 3rd party drivers. Still the same.

It did install RealTek High Definition Audio drivers and I do have sound, however, before uninstalling all RealTek stuff, I also had RealTek Audio, which was the default output before, without the High Definition, and the High Definition one didn't even make a sound before.

So yeah... wtf :confused:

MB is Zenith Extreme, Windows 10 1909