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Connection Hobbled, no fix a decade later?

Level 7
Ever since I've had this z97 mobo, the connection has been a mess. Capped speeds, connection gaps, terrible ping and jitter. Just brutal for gaming.
Hundreds if not thousands of hours troubleshooting shows this is somehow related to AMDA00 (as unknown device it's less broken then when in system devices list), disabling it frees up the connection for a few seconds of full speed problem free connection. Then back to awful. I've never found the registry entry to disable it's silent installation function, I'm guessing no one has. (enough tinkering and reinstalling OS will get you past it.. for a while, but it's always been a crapshoot, and then eventually you've got to go through it all again)

Many threads, no fix save the elusive: Install USB3 drivers - WIN 7 ONLY. - that doesn't work on Win 10. Can someone share the link to the corresponding (vii hero) AI suite removal tool or maybe some functional USB3 driver for Win 10?

Asus staff's historical best answer has been contact your local dealer lol. They must mean drug.

Interesting note, using a fast VPN fixes most of the issues save the capped connection speed, but it's only capped at 50Mbps, so phew... i guess?