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Can someone help me set up RAID-0 on my Asus X399-A Board with Void Linux?

Level 7
Hello I need some help installing Void Linux onto my Asus X399-A Motherboard. I was able to get the Motherboard to like use the Xpert2Raid utility. I set up my two drives as a RAID array and use a USB to boot to the Linux installer which is an old-school terminal type installer. When I go to format the disks, it does not see them as a RAID array, but rather as two individual drives, as well as their type not being RAID but rather Linux swap. I am not sure how to proceed from there. I partition each drive separately but as the same thing (750M boot, 900G, and the rest as Swap). I think that this undoes the array though. Any pointers or help of install Linux to a RAID using the xpert2raid tool is much appreciated.

I had someone suggest mdadm but I would prefer not to go that route.