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Hi everyone,- CPU-Z ROG Edition :Version : 2.05.1 [14/03/2023]- Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids platform.- Preliminary support for AMD Storm Peak platform.- Zhaoxin KX-6000G/4 CPU.- Intel N100 and N200 (ADL-N).- intel Core i3 N300 and N305 (ADL-N).- Intel...

MoKiChU by Level 7
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AsusLiveService.exe crashing

Hello! After recent update of Armoury Crate, it is showing error that some service is not working after opening Armoury Crate. I was able to trace it and it seems that AsusLiveService.exe is crashing. I have tried to reinstall all software and driver...

Prevent Armoury Crate automatic updates?

Is there any way I can prevent Armoury Crate to update the Aura service/LightingService automatically? Everytime I downgrade, it gets updated later by itself!There is a bug in the latest lightingservice 3.03.85 where the rainbow effect is the same as...

Ryujin-Armoury Crate Red Dot

The Ryujin still shows a red dot with white N in Armoury Crate. Armoury Ctrate updated several times, last today jan 30 '23 to new ver.Ryujin 360 + latest firmware. No profile to change? at least I can't see where is it, if any.Sync or not to sync! d...

Aiosue by Level 7
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