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AI Suite III causing system crashes.

Hi, I have an X470 F Gaming board with a 2600X.Samsung 960 Evo (boot drive)2 Corsair 120GB SSD and a 1TB Mech drive. EVGA 1060 and 16GB COrsair Vengence DDr4. Every time i run AI suite III... after a few minutes i get weird system stops and reboots. ...

ArmourySocketServer.exe always crashes

Hi all,ArmourySocketServer.exe always stops working.Please help and ideas. The problem is that ArmourySocketServer.exe always crashes, not working properly. Create reinstallation has been done. All drivers are up to date. I attach the picture.Item ...

gytaka by Level 7
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Sonic Studio 3.16.13 - Can't adjust amp

The older version of Sonic Studio that was installed allowed me to adjust the amp but after restarting it was automatically uninstalled. I installed the newest UMP version and it does not allow me to adjust it anymore. How do I download an older vers...

nataku by Level 7
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Hi everyone,- CPU-Z ROG Edition :Version : 2.05.1 [14/03/2023]- Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids platform.- Preliminary support for AMD Storm Peak platform.- Zhaoxin KX-6000G/4 CPU.- Intel N100 and N200 (ADL-N).- intel Core i3 N300 and N305 (ADL-N).- Intel...

MoKiChU by Level 8
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AsusLiveService.exe crashing

Hello! After recent update of Armoury Crate, it is showing error that some service is not working after opening Armoury Crate. I was able to trace it and it seems that AsusLiveService.exe is crashing. I have tried to reinstall all software and driver...

Prevent Armoury Crate automatic updates?

Is there any way I can prevent Armoury Crate to update the Aura service/LightingService automatically? Everytime I downgrade, it gets updated later by itself!There is a bug in the latest lightingservice 3.03.85 where the rainbow effect is the same as...

Ryujin-Armoury Crate Red Dot

The Ryujin still shows a red dot with white N in Armoury Crate. Armoury Ctrate updated several times, last today jan 30 '23 to new ver.Ryujin 360 + latest firmware. No profile to change? at least I can't see where is it, if any.Sync or not to sync! d...

Aiosue by Level 7
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Poor speeds on Samsung 980 pro Nvme pcie 4.0

Hi guys/gals,I have tested my 2 1tb 980 pro nvme's with crystaldiskmark & I get pretty close to advertised speeds.Also tested with Samsung Magician & get even better results closer to advertised specs.However when I copy a 10gb file from one 980 pro...

saadiq7 by Level 7
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ASUS TWEAK 3 " Resets it self every few days"

Anyone else having issues with GPU Tweak 3 V have run the OC scanner and applied what ever vaules it gives me to a profile. I have set up my OSD and everything seems to work fine. After a few days everything resets it self to stock, by it s...

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