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AURA(GRAPHICS CARD) not opening!

Level 7
Hello. Today my long awaited ASUS GTX 1060 Strix arrived. I installed it and then downloaded NVidia GeForce Experience, installed the latest drivers for the card and
everything is working fine.
My Graphics card supports RGB aura LED lighting and you can actually change the colour of the leds on the GPU. In order to do that you
have to download 2 programs from ASUS website. The 1st is called GPU Tweak II and the other is called AURA(GRAPHICS CARD)
GPU Tweak is a program like MSI Afterburner and
its working fine. Though the AURA(GRAPHICS CARD) isn't opening at all even if I downloaded and installed several versions from the official ASUS website. Anyone having the
same problem as me? I really wanna change the LED colour of my GPU.
My GPU's leds are working fine and it has an orange colour, I just cant change the colour
of it through the software. The software is installed and It doesnt open when i double click it. Anyone facing the same problem as me? Any ideas/suggestions?

TLTR: Gpu's LED is working but I cant change the LED colour through AURA(GRAPHICS CARD) from ASUS cause I can't run it even if it is installed.

Level 15

Chino wrote:
Besides GPU Tweak II, do you have any other ASUS utility installed?

No only GPU Tweak II, version : GPUTweak2_Ver1332_20160722
and AURA(GRAPHICS CARD), version : VGA_AURA_InstallationV0041

Ok so i found the solution. Kinda weird but i found it.
For those that trying to open the AURA(GRAPHICS CARD) program and it's not opening follow these steps.
Go to C/program files x86/asus/AURA(GRAPHICS CARD) open the folder and LEFT click once on the AURA(GRAPHICS CARD) exe. Then press your ENTER button on your keyboard for 10 seconds. Keep it pressed dont release it. It should open the program .