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Armoury Crate profile settings tab not working on g733qs

Level 7

Today i try to play some game and i notice that fan control do not working correctly from armoury crate. I try hardware diagnostic -> fan in MyAsus and during this process setting fan working fine.

For now fan stuck at 3,8k rpm but it is quite noisy. Could you help me with this?

I saw this post:

Could it be releated with me issue? The main difference is that i can lanuch armoury create without any problems but setting profile do not change everything.

Also, i made a try to reinstall armoury crate using uninstall tool but also - no effect 😕

Level 7
Ok, sorry, i fixed this issue. I disable and enable Armoury crate control in bios and now everything working fine, dunno why that happend 😕

Please close this issue or if you decide - remove it if you think that is spam.