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Armory Crate 5.6.3 Update affecting Ryujin II Display

Earlier I updated to AC 5.6.3, I didn't want to but, of course, one is forced to if you want to change a color or setting. Since installing the Armory Crate & the  3 additional updates that were required: HAL Application, Motherboard update (Asus ROG...

12.jpg Screenshot 2023-05-25 231453.jpg Screenshot 2023-05-25 231642.jpg

Armoury Crate Error Code 4181

Hello, I was attempting to update the firmware for my Delta S Wireless headset, but every time I attempt, Armoury Crate stops the install and says: "Sorry, we cannot finish the file installation. Please restart the system and retry (Error code: 4181)...

armoury crate

Dont have acces to fan Xpert . When i Klik on fan Xpert shows me window with update but everything is UP date.  When i klik on it again it shows me this message.   


ROG Live Service High CPU

For the past few weeks now, the ROG Live Service at random times starts consuming between 6-20% CPU.  The ROG Live Service doesn't appear to be doing anything else - no networking and no disk usage.It will stay running and consuming CPU as long as I ...

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