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Armory Crate freeze when opening Audio tab

As mentioned in subject, Everythings fine on the app, except the Audio tab. I wanted to manage AI Voice settings, but when i open Audio tab, app is freezig, tried to reinstall it, It worked until today, it has the latest updates and everything.

Armoury Crate v5.6.3.0 Issues

There is already another post about this, but for extra attention I will make my own as well. FanXpert can not be updated in the v5.6.3.0, which results in being unable to control our fans. It comes with the following error: "Sorry, we cannot finish ...

Mardorr by Level 9
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Fan Xpert does't work in Armoury Crate

Hey, I cannot run Fan Xpert in Armory Crate. So many times i have uninstalled AC with Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool then installed but not changed. it's really annoying i would appreciate it if you could help me.Item Version ...

emkdrl07 by Level 10
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Armoury Crate Error H-2005

Hello all.So just a couple of days ago I got myself the ROG Azoth keyboard.As stupid as it sounds, I got it only because of the oled screen to be able to upload my own pics and gif's.After installing the official Armoury Crate, when trying to access ...

AsIO3.sys messing with my PC!

I feel obligued to create my own thread about this issue i'm still having since last thursday. Things were running fine i checked the Microsoft Store, i noticed there were a couple of app updates one of these was the Application Installer from Micros...

Error 602

Another fresh install for Armoury Crate, and after some reboot the app try to update herself and got into Error 602 loop. I'm very tired and angry and annoyng from this application. Anyone know a alternative one or know how fix this?

ROG Laptop Armory Crate "default" icon now pops up

Hello everyone,So recently just out of nowhere I now get this "default" icon that pops up first everytime I start windows along with the Asus armory crate current system mode (ie silent, performance, turbo)I'm going to try to attach a picture of it.D...


I have a new PC, and I had a message that appears when i start my PC. The message was "Can't open AsIO3.sys!! Failed with error coe 2". So I uninstalled Amoury Crate. When I installed it again it wouldn't let me open it, tha tab appears in blue but i...