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Armoury Crate vs or and AI Suite 3

Hi guys,I am new to the ASUS ROG universe and built my first desktop with ASUS motherboard.I am confused by initial offer (on support download page) of two seamingly similar utilities SWs - Armoury Crate and AI Suite 3.What is the difference between ...

tirreus by Level 8
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Aura Sync sync problem

Hello, I had a problem for some time and no update corrects it... After switching to standby My Claymore 2 keyboard and the Rog 3080 graphics card no longer synchronize with Aura. Each time I have to open Armory/Aura Sync and uncheck/recheck the devi...

Thoumi by Level 7
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RGB lights flashing/flickering uncontrollably, need help

Hi,I've had this problem for a couple of weeks now. I've had the PC and lights for a little more than a year and everything worked just fine until a couple of weeks ago.That's when they suddenly started acting up. I was still using the old AURA soft...

Addressable Headers are Gen 1 and Gen 2?

From everything I read I always see ARGB referred to as GEN 2 Header and RGB as GEN 1 Header.But in Armoury CreateDevice -> ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING Addressable Headers TabHeader 1Has Gen 1 or Gen 2.There is another Tab elsehwere for RGB Headers. Does...

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