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Armoury Crate v5.6.3.0 Issues

There is already another post about this, but for extra attention I will make my own as well. FanXpert can not be updated in the v5.6.3.0, which results in being unable to control our fans. It comes with the following error: "Sorry, we cannot finish ...

Mardorr by Level 9
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Armoury Crate Error Code 4181

Hello, I was attempting to update the firmware for my Delta S Wireless headset, but every time I attempt, Armoury Crate stops the install and says: "Sorry, we cannot finish the file installation. Please restart the system and retry (Error code: 4181)...

Armoury crate using wihtout update

Im sick of this app. Always forgot after restart of power down how my RGB shine and i need manualy klick on my preferences. But that is the minor problem im not rgb fan. But my major point is why i cant use for example FanXpert before update ??????? ...

ARMOURY CRATE fan speed limited to 6400 rpm = fps lost

Hi, long time fighting with this issue, but armory crate does not allow fans go beyond 6400 / 6500 rpm in turbo mode.When you switch from another mode, fans start to spin at +8000 rpm but start to drop drastically until 6400, clearly afecting perform...

****** Xpert deletes profiles during update.

First, it's so cute that the moderators here deleted my last post because I included the use of expletives, interesting because the expletives in question are completely censored by your web portal and do not appear uncensored to the general public, ...