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Armory Crate freeze when opening Audio tab

As mentioned in subject, Everythings fine on the app, except the Audio tab. I wanted to manage AI Voice settings, but when i open Audio tab, app is freezig, tried to reinstall it, It worked until today, it has the latest updates and everything.

Fan Xpert does't work in Armoury Crate

Hey, I cannot run Fan Xpert in Armory Crate. So many times i have uninstalled AC with Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool then installed but not changed. it's really annoying i would appreciate it if you could help me.Item Version ...

emkdrl07 by Level 10
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AsIO3.sys messing with my PC!

I feel obligued to create my own thread about this issue i'm still having since last thursday. Things were running fine i checked the Microsoft Store, i noticed there were a couple of app updates one of these was the Application Installer from Micros...

Strix 4090 RGB Problems

Does anyone else have issues controlling the RGB of their Strix 4090? I have performed the following steps so far and nothing has helped. 1. Multiple reinstalls of windows 10, Armory Crate and all programs2. Update motherboard bios, chipset etc. 3. U...

Bmfr79 by Level 7
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Hello, i yesterday bought a used Asus Rog Strix Gtx1080 GPU. The reason i made this message is because i cant figure out where to edit the color on the card, right now it's purple and half of the car is lightning up. The card dosent show up in Arua o...