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Aura Wallpaper Creator - Armoury Crate 5.4.10

Level 7
Armoury Crate updated to v5.4.10 - I have received a notification that I can Install Aura Wallpaper creator - I clicked on the Go to download - but nothing happened. I found on official page that I need to have a Design button on Aura Wallpaper - but the button is not there.

I have tried to uninstall using uninstaller tool and reinstall, but is the same, design button don't appear.

I had Aura Wallpaper on 5.4.8 - but I uninstalled that version because my motherboard disappeared from devices (Crosshair VIII DarkHero).

Thank you!

Level 7
Hi m1hn3a,

I just experienced the same issue you had. The link in the notification was not working, and there was no "Design Wallpaper" or even a download button in the wallpaper setting window.

Maybe the notification was popped with accident?