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Armoury Crate is not Installing an update

Level 7
I keep trying to install this Asus Core SDK update but it doesn't install it.

Level 9
i have exactly same issue with same update, how to fix it? i've allready try to reinstall armory crate bit didn't solve it

Hey guys,

Try using the uninstall tool to uninstall Armoury Crate.

Select your operating system then click "Show all", it's the third download.

After using the uninstall tool, reinstall Armoury Crate.

Does this get the Core SDK to update?

Please ASUS do something with armoury crate, it's full of problems.
Error 102 when reinstalling
Infinite loop when reaching devices (Balteus QI and Chakram in my case)
Updating devices -> rebooting system -> ask again for updating devices -> reboot system etcetc = infinite loop, like described in this thread

I reinstalled it dozens of times, i reset my windows multiple of times. It just NEVER worked properly.

I'm far from being the only one complaining, there is obviously a problem in the software. I paid almost 4000$ in ASUS materiel and armoury crate makes the experience a nightmare. I can't use my mouse as intended, I can't use my mousepad as intended.

Without something done soon i will never buy from asus again

Hi dmalex

Welcome to the ROG forum.

The infinite loop, or device page not loading could be something with the framework services.

A fresh install of windows will fix all your problems with Armoury Crate.

Level 7
Same issue here on my G533QS. Asus Core SDK simply refuses to install using the latest Armory Crate. I will not go through the trouble of trying to uninstall / reinstall since it will wipe out my custom fan control profile. Please FIX THIS Asus!

Level 7
Same here. Asus Core SDK doesn't get updated!

Please report your issues to the main thread, thanks!
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Level 7

i am trying to update my mouse on the armoury crate but it wont work at all