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RX 6900 XT Memory OC flicker.

Level 7
Hi, so I got my new 6900XT today and I've been playing around with the OC and dialled the main clock in at 2400-2500 1125mv stable. However whenever I try to OC the ram, even at low numbers like +30-40 I get flickering issues. This is regardless of if it's in fast or default memory timings. Just wondering is this an issue other people have had, or could it be caused by something other than the GPU?

Edit: My monitor is the Samsung Galaxy G9. I've changed the pixel bits from 8-10 and different formats to see if that changes anything, unfortunately it doesn't :/.

Edit 1: Okay, after some experimentation I've found that the issue was power. Seems like the core frequency also affects the memory stability. Though while the flickering IS less.. It's still flickering. Even at 2200-2300 core clock. For fun I decided to lower it to 2000-2100 @ 1.1v and it's still flickering.

Edit 2: Did some more testing... I tried the RAM auto OC, it immediately went to +150 no flickering when tested... Clock was around 2250-2300Mhz. Attempted to replicate these results with manual OC and the flickering returned... There's defiantly something funky going on under the hood..

Edit 3: Tried a complete wipe of all my display drivers and reinstalled.. Issue still persists.

Edit 4: AMD patched the issue in the 2021 27th Jan patch.