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AMD Vega 64 ROG Strix fails when playing games and the displays all go a fixed color

Level 7
Hi I have been experiencing a really annoying issue with my GPU, i have had the entire build for almost 2 years but in the past 6 months i have be unable to play a game a length without my GPU failing, it work at home as a C++ programmer and i have to compile lots of massive code and many other tasks and i never have a crash, the GPU crash / fail only occurs when playing games, even if it is my favorite games like tomb raider 1,2,3,4 which use so little that there is almost no change in clock speed or battle field 5 which uses everything or any other game.

When the crash happens all 3 monitors go a fixed color, to be more precise a pastel color like light brown or light green, each monitor a different color and they stay that color until I reset the PC or all 3 displays just turn off. When the crash happens windows is still running and i have to manually turn of the pc, not even a single error or BSOD is reported, and the motherboard reports no errors, the sound also freezes say 80% of the time too when the crash happens which is odd.

I have reseated the GPU, inspected the CPU socket, reseated the RAM and removed 4 of the 8 and DIMMS and tried again, updated the BIOS and firmware and tried every GPU driver and reinstalled windows with no real change the crash still happens.

I have now replaced the GPU with the GPU from the PC i recently built for my parents and for the first time in months i have been able to have fun and play games without a single crash, i even left a game that liked to crash the pc running all day and night and not a single crash so i can conform the GPU is faulty.

I want to RMA the card but i am unable to find the RMA form for Asus UK, and just curious how long does an RMA take?