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X570-F Gaming - Cannot upgrade BIOS past Version 3405 (system becomes super slow, alm

Level 7

I am using an ASUS Strix X570-F Gaming motherboard along with 5800X / 32GB RAM / 3080 on an NVMe SSD.

Any time I update the BIOS above version 3405, my system becomes extremely sluggish. Applications take ages to load and the system is largely unusable. For comparison my old i7-4702MQ / 16GB RAM / Sata SSD laptop from 2014 (which is generally pretty slow but usable) feel significantly faster.

Before updating the BIOS, I reset to default optimal settings and reload to Windows. The only BIOS customizations I use are related to OCing RAM to 3600.

I've tried this with BIOS 3604 and 4002. Was hoping this issue would be resolved with 4002, but no luck.

BIOS 3405 works good, benchmark results suggests the system is working well. The only issue that I have with 3405 is the mouse in BIOS is very slow (almost unusable). 3604/4002 solve the slow mouse in BIOS issue, but make system borderline unsable.

Level 12
Can we see the benchmark results from 3405 and 3604 or 4002 ?

You honestly don't need benchmarks to notice that something is wrong.

On 3405, Windows loads in ~10 seconds, it takes ~5 minutes for Windows to load on any BIOS above 3405.

Opening Firefox takes ~2 minutes on a BIOS above 3405, on 3405 it takes ~5 seconds.

This is not a "minor reduction in performance" type issue. The system becomes unusable on any BIOS above 3405.

Level 12
No specifications.
No benchmarking.
Next to no information.

I wish you luck with your issue. My magic eight ball suggested an answer to the problem, would you like the result.

That's really helpful, thanks.