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OS Partition NVME RAID + Bitlocker and Secure Boot on ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

Level 7
Hi all,

I am currently toying with the idea of purchasing either 1 2TB or 2x 1 TB NMVe drives for my ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero + 5950x setup. Before making a decision, I am trying to figure out if a setup as follows is at all possible in the 2x 1 TB case:

- One 250 GB RAID1 partition (which would take away 250 GB space on each drive) as drive C used for OS (Windows 10 x64) to provide redundancy.
- One ~750 GB partition (remaining space per drive) on each drive without any RAID, configured as drives D and E, for other data.
- Bitlocker-based encryption on the OS driver with Secure Boot enabled in UEFI mode.

It seems there are multiple limitation in using AMD's hardware RAID in UEFI mode and/or with Secure Boot enabled, so I am not sure if the above configuration is even possible. Moreover, I am not sure if AMD's hardware RAID is capable of implementing RAID on a subset of a disk's space, rather than the whole disk. If anyone has experience with such setup, or AMD hardware RAID in general, I would appreciate your feedback.