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Crosshair VIII 2501's for testing

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Level 7
With new 2701 still random freezes with restarts. Back to working 2402.......

Level 7
Tonight 12+ hours of RAM testing with 2701, everything is fine... but I'm nolonger on 4x8Gb.

CASE Lian Li 011D XL CPU AMD Ryzen 5900X COOLER Corsair H150i Elite Capellix MOBO Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme RAM 2x16Gb Corsair Dominator 3600 CAS14 PSU Asus Thor 1200P VGA AMD RX 6900 XT DISPLAY LG 34GK950GF AUDIO Logitech G560 SDD Samsung 980PRO 512Gb NVMe - Seagate FireCuda 530 NVMe 1Tb - WD Black SN850 2Tb NVMe NPUT Logitech ProX Superlight + Powerplay + Corsair MM700 RGB - G513

Level 7
My system was absolutely fine till I went to 4 x 8gb. I get shut downs without any error as if the system suddenly loses power and restarts

Level 7
With 2402 i get also restarts with default settings. ^^

Going back to Agesa Patch B with 2311..... Hope that works......

Uefi 2701 still does not resolve the issues with 4 dual rank dimms.
Somehow, 3000mhz is the maximum speed I can get out of 3200C16 ram.
It's like hitting a wall, anything above that doesn't post at all, regardless of voltages or timings.
The board displays F9 as post code, pointing to unstable ram.