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Bluetooth Audio issue on Crosshair Impact VIII

Level 7

Hope everyone is safe and well.
I built my PC couple of years ago. Nice set up with a Crosshair Impact VIII, supporting a Ryzen 3900x, 32Gb of Ram, 1Tb ssd Gen4 and Geforce 2070 Super.
Everything has been working nicely until recently.
I am mostly using a bluetooth headset as I have multiple computers at home (1 MacPro, 1 Macbook Pro and this PC). The headset is working fine on any other device. But not on the PC anymore. The sound is laggy, stuttering, breaking up and the mic is naturally suffering the same symptoms. The PC can detect any bluetooth device around and can connect to any other devices. But when it is an bluetooth headset (I have 3 differents and some airpods pro) the sound quality is always terrible.
After googling some solutions (mostly about drivers and troubleshooting inside windows 10) I decided to try different solutions.
1. I upgraded from WIn10 to Win 11. Same issue.
2. I formated the drive, Installed Win 10 (without any patch and with all the new patch). Same issue.
3. I tried all available version of intel bluetooth audio drivers. Same issue.
4. I formatted the drive, installed Ubuntu. Same issue.
5. I used another SSD NVMe, installed Win 11. Same issue.
6. I reseted the bios. Same issue.
7. I tried using Bluetooth dongle, deactivating the motherboard Bluetooth in the bios but it doesn't seem to work.
8. I tried using a software called Bennett to validate the strenght of the bluetooth signal but the results are not making any sense (as for example some devices are working but showing -200db).

I am running out of solutions and patience as you might imagine. I feel that beside exorcism, I tried everything in my toolbox.
Any idea ?
thank you !