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BIOS Bug - ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero (Disabling Wifi disables second GFX card)

Level 7

I am on the latest 4004 bios for the ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero. I have 2 RTX 3090 cards set up and working properly with NVLink. I have noticed that when I disable WiFi in the BIOS it causes Windows to Code 43 on the 2nd card. Its not a huge deal, I just enable WiFi again and its working again, but it would be nice to disable it permanently since I am using ethernet.

If anyone else has a similar configuration maybe try disabling WiFi and see if it is repeatable.

Does ASUS read these posts?

Thank you.

Level 12
From what I can tell, no, Asus does not generally respond to these posts. I have noticed that posts in the Hardware and Software Support area seem to get more responses from Asus. You could try posting under that.