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BIOS Flashback not working

A couple BIOS updates ago, BIOS Flashback stopped working on my Crosshair VIII Dark Hero X570.  No matter how many times I try pressing the Flashback button for 3 seconds soon after shutdown, the light flashes at first then stops flashing a couple se...

coyote2 by Level 7
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TUF GAMING X570-PLUS - yellow led on cold boot

Hi, I have problem with booting my pc. Every day it stucks on first boot, led on motherboard lights up solid yellow. Nothing happens no matter how long I would wait. When I power off pc by holding power button for few second and then turn it on again...

PiotrX1 by Level 7
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Asus crosshair viii extreme ram issue.

I have had this this board from 26.8 2021 and i has had problem with memory training all the time.The first cpu 5950x i vould never get stable even with stock jedec setting and problably there was a issue with the cpu and i have tested 3 different r...

marti77 by Level 7
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