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Asus crosshair viii extreme ram issue.

I have had this this board from 26.8 2021 and i has had problem with memory training all the time.The first cpu 5950x i vould never get stable even with stock jedec setting and problably there was a issue with the cpu and i have tested 3 different r...

marti77 by Level 7
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AGESA 1.2.0.A on X570 platform

Hi everyone,This is my first post here.Just to say  ty to AMD and Asus for releasing this new version and the bios that goes with it for ryzen 5950x owners.Updated on the Rog Crosshair Dark Hero with the latest 4501 bios and performance is on point w...

Asus Strix X470-F Gaming owners thread

Hello guys, I am starting this thread for all Stix X470-F owners to discuss their overclock settings, issues etc. So that everyone get help quickly in a organised way. Installed my old 1600x in this mobo with 4011 bios and flareX 3200 with default do...

AniChatt by Level 9
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Windows 11 Does Not See RAID 1

Hello everyone!  I have two 2TB M.2 NVMe installed in my ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark Hero MB (BIOS 4402) and configured as RAID 1 using the RAIDXpert2 Configuration Utility.  However, when I try to install Windows 11 I see both drives instead of one.  I...

TPM attestation not supported on 5800x3d

I have a X570 Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi, my system originally born with a 5600x. Recently I updated it with a 5800X3D. I noticed that now the TPM window under the Windows Security app report that "TPM Attestation" is "Not Supported" while "TPM Memory...

marell by Level 8
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