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Zenith II Extreme Alpha - AMD Raid RAIDXpert2 - Array Critical

Level 7
Happened to me twice already over the past year or so. I have 2 NVMe's in RAID 1 configuration. When the problem happens, Windows suddenly fail to boot, and I get blue recovery screen with options to Repair OS (but doesn't fix anything). Each time in BIOS RAIDXpert2 utility, it says the Array status is critical, with one of the drives being offline.

I don't see any option within the BIOS utility that will help rebuild the array. The first time it happened I even accidentally deleted the Array causing a big nightmare. Luckily I restored everything by using a spare HDD to set up another Windows, installing RAIDXpert2 there, then ran RAIDXpert2 within Windows to bring up options to recreate the array, with success.

So when the Array became critical again and refused to boot, this time I straight away pulled out my spare drive again, and went through the whole process of installing Windows / RAIDXpert2 once again. And as soon as I ran RAIDXpert2 it started rebuilding the array automatically.

But my question remains - Is there not a way to try and fix the problem from within BIOS setup? I simply don't see any option to repair an array in disarray....

Any help appreciated.

You should definitely keep track of *which* drive is the one going offline. If it's the same one then that could be a bad sign.

As for the rebuild process, I've never tried it but perhaps removing the offline drive and replacing it with a different drive might give you different options. Unless you have another identical drive just laying around I'm not sure you want to buy one just to test that theory.
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