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Zenith Extreme II Aquantia adapter issues

Level 7
I have two existing AQN-107 adapters and now my Zenith board comes with one. I have found that they suffer from a lot of connectivity issues and wanted to see if anyone else is having issues. Mainly, I can get high substained throughput between local devices. However, external networks are a issue. Web pages don't fully load or timeout, download over Steam, Microsoft store or Origin fail. Speed test results start out strong but drop off.

To isolate this to the Aquantia NIC I have tried a Chelsio 10Gbe adapter, the 1Gbe Intel port and the Wifi6 adapter and they all work as expected. I've also been able to get similar issues using the PCIE AQN-107 card in both the Zenith board and a separate ROG Crosshair/9900k build. I have also connected the Aquantia cards straight to the router to eliminate the 10Gbe switch and at 1Gbe speeds they still have issues.

Starting to regret going the Asus route as Gigabyte went with Intel 10Gbe which is similar to the X550 cards used in enterprise servers.

Level 7

I owned the very first Zenith board that came with an Aquantia addin card. After using it for awhile it just disconnects and the only way to recover is a reboot. Back then I tried different drivers but without success so I eventually went back using the onboard 1Gbps Intel adapter.

Now with Zenith II the Aquantia network port is on the board and I expected that it won't have the same issues as it was about 3 years since the first Zenith and I cannot imagine I was the only one with issues. Although I had exactly the same issues.

Zenith II is a great mobo and I do not regret of purchasing it. The worst thing on Gigabyte board is the lack if USB ports. The USB port layout is just ridiculous. My router is just 1Gbps so not a real issue for me to use the other port instead. Although it is still annoying to know I cannot use the 10Gbps port properly. I also can't imagine there is no solution for it. Shall dig a bit the Internet to find out if there is fresh info or solution. May even try to contact Aquantia or ASUS for support.