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Zenith Extreme + Corsair Vengeance = Can’t go above 2133MHz!?!?

Level 7
I have a Zenith Extreme and am trying to run it with 64GB (8x8GB) via two sets of CMR32GX4M4C3200C16. It’s Corsair Vegeance RGB with XMP of 3200MHz. I know actually getting it to run at 3200MHz is nearly impossible for this motherboard, but I was hoping I could at least get it to run at 2666Mhz or 3066MHz.

Unfortunately, every combination above 2133 won’t post.. just reboot cycles 4-5 times until it resets the memory settings. I’ve tried 3 dozens of different timings and speeds. Anyone have a set of settings that work? Do I need to install the sticks one at a time and reboot or some other special tricks?

Again, not trying get it to full XMP profile, but halfway there would be nice!

Level 7
Have you tried manually setting the ram voltage and preboot ram voltage to 1.4v?
It needed that on mine to get things stable and clocked in properly on anything above 2133MHz.
Try setting it to that and then cold boot it from mains off so it can do the ram training and set the timings up,it normally cycles two to three times to finish the training properly.
see how it goes.

I’ll try that, I was using 1.35 and not cold booting. Any speeds or timings I should try? I was thinking the XMP 3200 timings but with a lower speed. Any suggestions?

leave all the timings on auto for now,I would suggest along with 1.4v on the ram just try and raise the ram speed one notch at a time above 2133Mz just to verify it is booting with the new voltage,see how far you go.good luck.

That got me to 2400Mhz with 1.4 along with all timings set to auto. When I tried 2666MHz with the same setting, it failed with 1.4 and 1.45.

have you tried manually setting VDDSOC to 1.1v,it needs this for larger kits

Set voltage to 1.1, no difference.

on auto if training is choosing 1T then manually set it to 2T and leave the rest on auto.

No go, still won’t post, just goes in a reboot loop and then errors out.

I also tried using the larger, more relaxed XMP timings at 2666MHz but no go. The max I can get the RAM is 2400Mhz. Not expecting 3200MHz but would have liked to see 2666MHz or 2933MHz.

I’m wondering if the fact that it won’t post means it’s a voltage issue but not sure how high I can go and which to change. I’ve set everything pretty high.

Are you on the new 804 bios because that is supposed to help fully populated boards?