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Zenith Extreme: Code 00 Won't post

Level 7
Not really new to building computers but never had to deal with a computer that didn't post

MB: Zenith Extreme
CPU: AMD 1950X Threadripper
PSU: Corsair RMx 750w
RAM: Corsair LPX 2x8 2400MHz (CMK16G4M2A2400C16) (Two kits)
GPU: AORUS Radeon RX580
Cooler: Enermax LIQTECH 240

I'm getting a Code 00 "Detecting memory" on the board,

first, i had to buy a 'replacement' CPU 8pin to supplement the 750w Lacking enough cables
so my first assumption is that it's just not getting enough power?
but then I'm not seeing any 'minimum' wattage for this set up
i've seen people say lower wattage PSU is usable but I'm Doubtful
I don't have any bigger power supplies to test this. So i'd appreciate a solid answer if this is all my problem is

so far I have removed all but one RAM stick into the slots in DIMM A1 and swapped them out on each failed boot
and slotted a single stick across most of the slots, i say most because i gave up after about D1

I also had the misfortune to get a Foxconn bracelet Zenith ( I had a hard time getting the screws to thread )
but i had removed the cooler to check to see if i have damage the CPU pads or the pins in the socket, and I'm honestly not at all sure if they are damaged , but it doesn't look like it.

with out any more thermal paste, i can't exactly put it entirely back together and i'm at a loss
Other things itrued was unplugging the cooler pump and fan, pulling off the DIMM.2 adapter with my M.2 drive and unplugging the GPU ( tho admittedly i didn't remove it, the GPU's power LED came on when it wasn't plug in)

I even read some where that it will still boot with one of the 8 pins power cables removed, all that did was light up a Red LED beside the power connecter
and yea the DIMM LED is lit up when this is going on

I removed the battery and other lil things i found to try and still nothing

i'm at a loss of what to do from here
I don't have another chip to try because i also hear the CPU might be bad, or the Motherboard...or the ram

I dont' have the money to buy new parts or send it to a shop for them to do it for me

*UPDATE* May 27 2018 4am CST
I have movement
I pulled the cooler off to take a look to see if i damage the CPU and it doesn't look like i did

I don't have any thermal paste on my CPU to my cooler at the moment, wasn't expecting to see in progress

but i'm now getting what appears to be boot codes but i'm not getting any video to my monitor I have plugged in at the moment

so i don't know what was up
I'm at Code AE: Detect HDD (which i have the DIMM.2 adapter in with my NVMe M.2 in there, not sure if that counts)

I'm at UEFI !!!

i might have not connected the monitor HDMI cable all the way . - .

Level 7
*update bottom of opening post*

Level 40
Hi Rivaliant 🙂

This board and CPU do want both 8pin ATX connections populated...I presume you have two cables from PSU to ATX connections now, with the second "replacement" cable...

The 750W will be fine for CPU and single just want that power/current spread over the two connections...especially if you are OCing...

Take your time with everything and don't jump the gun as it were...if you don't have thermal paste don't build...get everything seated in the correct place....and single drive connected for OS install....add any additional drives after install...