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Zenith Extreme Beta UEFI 0901

Level 13
From Elmor:

Beta BIOS 0901

Have not tested this extensively, let me know how it works for you.

- Fan fixes from 0012
- UEFI RAID driver updated (and hopefully back on track)

Beta BIOS 0804

* Hynix 2DPC patch (POST issues with all slots populated)
* Fan control fixes, including EXT_FAN card
* PCIEX8/X4_4 lane switching tested and works fine, however, I haven't verified the issue on older BIOS

Please note, some boards have older firmware for the onboard OLED/Aura, which can cause some strange issues. Update to the version here. Run the .exe from within Windows.

After applying the update above, you can apply the version here

UEFI build

NOTICE: If you already have a SATA RAID configuration, make a backup of the array before updating to this build, then rebuild it once you have flashed the BIOS.

For more details and instructions regarding the BIOS/RAID driver, please refer to the following

Revised memory rules
Fixed CPU temp reporting issue after CMOS clear
UEFI RAID driver updated
Secure Erase string update

UEFI build 0603
Includes Ai suite patch, RAID driver update, and a patch for Inateck 7-port KTU3FR-5O2U to solve POST issues.

UEFI build 9960 based on 0601:
Automatically applies a 2T Command Rate for 2DPC configs when above DDR4-2820.

UEFI build 0601
public release build.
This will be on the support pages soon. Same as the 9910 beta. Please clear CMOS after updating (allow the update to complete fully before doing so!).

For those of you still experiencing memory instability, try setting a 2T Command Rate.

Older beta UEFI:

UEFI beta build 9910
More memory tuning for dual rank configs

UEFI beta build 9906

More DRAM tuning for compatibility/oc
Added CLDO VDDP Voltage under Tweaker's Paradise
Also synchronized hwm CPU temp with monitor

UEFI build 9980

Improves memory overclocking - again.

UEFI build 9964

Improves memory overclocking, and adds 'Ln2 Tune' option to Tweaker's Paradise.
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Harley2000 wrote:
so why is know one from asus listening to us ,they don't reply to emails for ages, they have no proper phone number to ring to actualy speak to someone
i feel like where being left in the dark on this issue ,IF YOUR LISTENING PLEASE SORT THIS PROBLEM OUT ,YOU DON'T REPLY ON HERE WITH ANY UPDATE
is 0/10 from me

I called Asus support the night before last and the agent told me they were receiving many escalations regarding this 2080 issue and their engineering team is currently working on resolution. The only information they could provide me was it is indeed related to nvlink interface incompatibility with current BIOS/board, and users of the 20xx series GPU's, whether multipgpu or single gpu may face issues and instability until BIOS update is released.

They also stated there is other issues related to the 20xx series GPU's and screens going black prior to login screen in windows/drive instability with boards at the moment, and this is affecting other boards as well (not just the ZE) and they are working on BIOS updates for these issues too.

They said to expect BIOS updates "soon" and their L2 teams will keep in touch.

Seems the NVlink interface, regardless of multigpu or single, is causing issues with ASUS mobos in general for many. I suspect they never really added support for it since it was technically outside the scope of the market these boards were intended for (well, until now).

might be a glimmer of hope 🙂

Harley2000 wrote:
might be a glimmer of hope 🙂

Well there's technically already two known workarounds to get nvlink 2080ti's to work on the board... neither of which are prefereable and should only be used for short term until bios patch resolves issue.

(a) if you are not using a 2nd gen Threadripper (29xx series), you can revert back to bios version 1003 and it will work correctly with nvlink enabled. Of course, this is a much older bios, so it can only be recommended for the impatient. Who knows what other performance/bios issues you'll encounter stepping back so far. Of course, the 2nd Gen TR processors require the latest 1402 bios, so not an option for those of us with 2950's and 2990's.


(b) Remove all RAM modules except for one in the B1 memory slot. Others have claimed they were able to get nvlink to work correctly by removing all but one memory module in that slot. Of course, this will limit you to either 4GB or 8GB of ram (unless you're uber lucky and have a single 16gb module), but again... it seems to allow nvlink to fuinction in the interim.

The fantastic news is that Asus has already acknowledged the issue and is working on a resolution. And from the fixes above, it seems it really just is a simple mishap in the latest and later BIOS updates upto and including 1402. Seems like it will be a simple fix that they will probably be rolling out shortly. Just be fortunate that it's a bios/software bug and not a hardware bug. 🙂

Level 9

Level 8
great will try this later on my rig 🙂

Level 8
so i tried it what to expect updating to 1501 and steps i had to make it detect both cards

1 update bios when its updating your fans will spin faster and faster till it updates
2 boot into windows 10 reinstall invida display drivers ,or wont see both cards
3 reboot check to see both cards are detected
4 enjoy 🙂


I'm now been able to boot up the system with both of my RTX 2080 Ti install after flashed into the V. 1501.

Still, have some difficult to shut down but at least I can now EK my 2080 Ti without getting stuck on the bios loading screen.

Level 7
Had some oddity with 1501 when updated to it using the io shield port and button, could not change memory frequency/settings from default what ever I did cmos reset didn't help either, like the bios would not read the value when booting up, and it seemed like it did not do any memory training. Rolling back to older bios version and things work ok, now this didn't seem to happen when used ez flash to update bios the first time, just some blue screens in windows, now need to test "improved" memory settings that seem to be stable (hci memory test) in 1003 and ez flash.

So third time and now 1501 is working normally with the 1003 memory settings.