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Zenith Extreme Alpha Code AD Detect Memory

Level 7
All started when I decided to put some thermal paste on the cpu.

A day before I had updated my bios which by that time was 0405.

The next day I unscrewed my Fryzen and then cleared the top of the cpu gently and added the paste. Then I started the pc and it was ok.

The problem started when I decided to unscrew the Fryzen again to see if I had put enough paste on the cpu.
For my convenience I removed the memory sticks.
After this when I tried to start my pc I got this error.

I checked the 4 memory sticks one by one in DIMM A1. All good.
When I try to put only a memory stick on D1 ( I don't know if this is right) the message appears.
When I put all 4 memory the message still appears.

I have examined very carefully the memory slots with a loupe for bent pins and I have also opened the cpu to see if there are any pins that are being bent too.
All seem fine.

I have removed all components and all power cables of the motherboard including the battery. I left it for almost 2 hours but with no luck.

I don't know what else I can do.

I sent an email to Asus and their reply was that the RAM kit F4-3200C14Q-32GTZRX has not been tested by Asus for this motherboard and there are no official information about the compatibility.
They told me to check the motherboard with a RAM kit of the Qualified Vendors list.

Is there a case that the update from 0405 to 2101 caused this?
I don't have any other memory to test the slots.

Do you think I should buy another RAM KIT to test it?
I would like to upgrade my RAM anyway.

Any suggestions?

Here is a video from memory slots and cpu

Level 7
This was caused by static electricity. I had to pull out the power cable from PSU and the battery and touch the two poles in order to work again.
Another way was to pull out the battery and press the power button.

All work good now.

Level 7
I've noticed that the ZEA is very picky with memory. It is listed as compatible by G.Skill themselves, though (source:

I don't see anything damaged in your video.

A solo stick should be in A1 (1-5 in the ZEA User Manual)