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Your thoughts so far on AMD Threadripper's and platforms.

Level 11
Hey guys,

As mentioned in the title, your thoughts? What do you use your PC mainly for with the Asuses AMD Threadripper platforms? What is your experience so far since they were introduced to the market? Do you think that this processor is one-of-a-kind?

All in all, I bought this computer back in 2018 and had initially installed 2 GTX1080Ti's. Back then, I thought that the era of SLI was still very much alive but only to find out it was becoming obsolete, or so to think that it already was lol So I thought to myself that it's better to have a powerful graphics card then having two mounted. I bought the Titan RTX and I never looked back since then. Nowadays, the usage of my computer has become matured. Going from mainly gaming rigs ever since I was a teen to now, my knowledge has developed thus my wisdom to higher instance. So these days, I do everything I can on this beast of mine. I game, listen to music, browse the internet, convert mp3's to wav's so I can listen in chronological form on my cell phone and so on, watch movies using my Blu-Ray ROM and on top of that, I have so much storage that I still wonder when I will ever accumulate that amount. Most likely that will happen in a few years I suppose. I can do a lot more productive things with my setup, rather then what I mentioned already, I'm aware of that. Maybe in the future video-editing? The possibilities of owning a Titan RTX open the doors wide for lots of creative features for computer usage. I'm very happy to possess the Zenith Extreme because this is truly a premium product. It's fully loaded and I'm still on a learning basis of the BIOS commands. To much of my wisdom, I'm an amateur to overclocking so I guess I shall leave that out my way to other understanding other attributes of the motherboard. I've come a long way to understanding some features from AMD's CBS, mainly DF Common options. The past couple months, I've been learning the meaning of these attributes and through trial and error, I've managed to adjust the memory interleaving mode, memory hash, etc. I noticed that the PC has become more responsive. All of the information is on the internet but as I mentioned this before, it's on a easy level. I wish someone could explain more thoroughly on AMD's CBS and PBS features 🙂 This motherboard was designed for universal usage. It even has 7.1 speaker configuration layout. The sound is extremely good on my speakers so I'm not complaining one bit about that.

So what do you think? Are you happy with Asuses design's and features?

Level 8
I am, and I recommend Asus to every company I advise. Their feature set tends to be more complete than that of their competitors'.

I just wish they'd support their stuff more.

My two personal pet peeves right now: 1.) the infamous ACPI 15 application popup error (which, supposedly, will be resolved when AMD releases their Ryzen Master driver / app for Windows 11), and 2.) the sudden lack of support for color control on the Thor power supplies.

But that aside...they are miles ahead of everyone else.