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Windows on NVMe RAID 0 - safe?

Level 7
I'm building a new system on Zenith Extreme, will run Windows 10. Got it all set up nicely, RAID works with Windows installed on it, but... I'm seeing a lot of people using a non-RAID storage for OS and then RAID arrays as a secondary storage. Why? Are there any drawbacks to running OS on NVMe RAID array, apart from hardware related issues (1 SSD fails, all is gone)?

So, is running OS on NVMe RAID0 array safe:
- will I be able to update BIOS with no issues?
- will I be able to update drivers for NVMe/RAID etc. with no issues?
- will I be able to update OS with no issues?

by 'issues' I mean - RAID gone, can't boot anymore.

I'm looking for opinions/experience from people who are running setups like the one I have. Since I only started building the system, and I got another PC up and running, I still have time to drop the idea of booting from RAID.