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Will X399 zenith Extreme motherboard use qq code ?

Level 7
will X399 zenith Extreme be using QQ code on the motherboard?

Level 7
I think the LiveDash OLED on the I/O Cover shows those or at least can do so if wanted. 🙂

Level 14
I think Raja has already said all ROG is willing to say about LiveDash for now.

So far we've only seen a first-gen implementation. It might be a bit better (or even a lot better) on upcoming motherboards but so far it's not too impressive. It appears to use an I2C link (connected to the Intel PCH?) and it probably runs off a dedicated controller chip/board with limited pre-programmed functionality. I doubt LiveDash (as implemented) could do much more than it already does but maybe it can also display a nice ROG logo "page", lol.

And I doubt LiveDash will replace the Q-Code display because they're located in different regions of the motherboard and the Q-Code ("POST card") circuit block is already built with a proven and refined design. Change something that already works perfectly and you can discover that Q-Codes are the last thing you want to have fail when troubleshooting your non-booting (faulty) motherboard/hardware.

I don't know if AMD X399 chipsets will provide an OEM-configurable I2C interface.
I also don't know if the embedded ASUS-proprietary "ROG Chip" provides any I2C interface.

I'm unaware of any OLED parts of this type which are RGB backlit. So it looks like it's illuminated with white or blue or green or whatever, and this colour can't be changed, regardless of any other AURA/RGB settings in use.
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