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Where are the Zenith Extreme Alpha UEFI BIOS updates?

Level 8
I recently bought the Zenith Extreme Alpha board and noticed a few quirks with it, some issues reported here. My memory is still unable to run at rated 3200MHz CL14, but this has been the same since ASUS moved past the 1003 UEFI on the Zenith Extreme (1003 and earlier ran fine). The board also seems to have a problem with running two RTX cards with NVLINK and some folks have reported issues with VRM fans. Considering that it has now been a while since this board was released, and the initial UEFI is 3 months old, are there plans to get this board updated to address some of the reported problems? I don't even see ASUS forming a forum for reporting bugs for this board like they did with the ZE and the silence around the ZEA has been deafening.

Curious to hear back from somebody on ASUS side.

Level 7
Few issues i have notice:

- There is some serious memory issues on that i can confirm that. Board does not work with 3600 speeds at all. It basically does not boot. on my STRIX X399 same kit work flawless on 3600 speeds. This must be mobo related issues

- VRM fans bugs are all over the place. VRM fans bevaves inconsequentially.

- CPU temperature readings are complete nonsense. On my watercooling i achieved 1 degree temperature on the CPU socket. (while there was 20C in room). That does not happen on STRIX. It looks like there is some difference how temperature is being interpreted.

- W_FLOW header is completly not calibrated. I was able to get 200l/m on my INS-FM14 Coolant Flow Meter which is gives perfect readings on other mobos.