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What AIO cpu cooler to get? for threadripper

Level 7
hi guys what the best AIO cooler for the tr4?

Level 40
I have no first hand experience...but just commenting to say I'd avoid the Enermax coolers...lots of problem threads out there

Thermaltake maybe?

Level 13
with a good spreed, i use a 360 ryujin with good temps and no issues. I use a 2950x
Learn, Play Enjoy!


I'm using the Ryuijn 360 cooler. No issues at hardware site. The software livedash to fire the OLED display has to be the right version for the firmware on the cooler. Otherwise it will not start.
Temperatures are very good. Also for OC.

I was going to get the Cooler Master Wraith ripper BUT it blocks the first ram slots 😞

I have 128gb of ram, so this was unacceptable (Why can't manufactures be smarter and place the ram slows further away?)

I opted for the Corsair H100i. It's ok but it has a stupid usb plug on the water block that protrudes out sideways and it pushes up hard against the first ram slot - Corsair dominator pro rgb in my case. I thought it would not fit but it did but the pressure on the ram slow does not make me happy, all because Corsair used a silly usb plug that doesn't need to be as long as it is on the side of the water block

My case is a Corsair 1000D. I thought the water block would fit on the back of the cases outlet - wrong! 😞 It's too long by about 10mm, so it's now located on the roof of the case

The install of the AO was very easy. Just swap out the existing brackets, slide on the TR4 brackets and hook it all up. The cpu temp sits at 31 degs (AIO temp, I think they say this is the water temp?) on idle. This is with all AIO fans and pump on quiet fan settings. The rgb stuff is pretty cool if you've never had that before but after a few hours of playing with it, your done and you go back to real world living and forget about it

I'm waiting for the wraith ripper 2 to come out. It is supposed to fix the issue about blocking the first 2 ram slots. If it fixes that issue I may swap to that solution. I'm just not comfortable with water in my expensive rig!

My 2 cents

I don't like corsair AIO's at all. Seen them explode at death and inconsistent cooling results. I've had one coolermaster pump die and it was non event (6 years latter). CPU heat warning and pump failure went off, changed it out, done.

Almost all of the AIO's use the same water pump unit in the heat change block, this is because one company (Asetek) holds the patent rights to putting the water cooler in the pump head

Level 8
Using Corsair H115i Platinum here. Native with TR4 support. First few weeks were a galore due to iCue issues : it's all been fixed by now and working flawlessly. You have to like RGB though xD