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USB Ports Disabling/Dying during large file transfer

Level 7
Hi folks, I'm currently on 1401 and Windows 10, and encountering an issue during large file transfers. I have (2) Inateck 2-bay hdd docks plugged into the 2 ports of the column of 4 USBs directly adjacent to the Wifi connectors.

I am attempting a simple copy of files from one drive to the other. After the transfer initializes and files actually begin moving, the HDDs will unmount and disappear, and all peripherals connected to the same column of USBs will disable. I have confirmed that drives plugged into another column will not unmount. The only way I can get the USB ports to begin working is to go into the BIOS and manually disable and re-enable all of them.

Does anyone have any insight into what is happening?

ASUS support wants me to send the board in, but this is my sole workstation and that puts me in an untenable situation for work.

Open to ideas.


Level 8
I noticed the same thing. Those 4 USB ports are very bad, and unreliable at best. Port #8 (the right-most one) is the worst and frequently drops transfers, or transfers slow to a crawl (I'm talking speeds of a few kb/second).
Also noticed a few other oddities like my Wireless USB mouse doesn't work in the UEFI BIOS when plugged in USB port #8, but works in the other USB ports.
I had submitted a support ticket over a year ago, but never heard back, and obviously BIOS updates haven't fixed this. I found no other fix/workaround other than avoid using the problematic ports for file transfers. Unfortunately.