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u804 - Zenith extreme Fan Xpert 4 issues

Level 7
Hi Guys,

First time posting, but long time lingering.

Specs and high level config:
- Ryzen 1950 @ 3.7Ghz (eazy tune overclock)
- Enermax TR360 AIO cooler.
- Corsair AI1500 X power supply.
- 64gb kit of G.Skills RGB Trident 3200 CL14 ram.
- 2 X NVidia Asus ROG Strix 1080 TI in SLI in default gpu tweak 'overclock' profile.
- 1 tb Samsung Pro 960 under the headsink.
- 2 X 1TB Samsung Pro 960 on the m.2 card.
- Corsair Air 540 (360 radiator fan on the front, with 3 corsair ML140 attached to the extension fan 1 , extension fan 2 and extension fan 3 card)

Configuration of my waterpump:
- Pump attached to the CPU fan header
- 360 (3 X Corsair ML120) attached to the HAMP fan header.

Issues with the u804 firmware that I am encountering.

1. I 've run the EZ setup wizard (identifying the AIO cooler as water cooling type). When the Q fan configuration runs, it always fails to correctly detect some of my fans as PWM type and instead detects DC. This is a simple enough manual workaround.

2. Booted into windows and running the AI Suite 3 with Fan XPert 4, sometimes on boot the extension fans fail to register (this occurs intermittently). Suspect this is software related as they do detect at least (if not the wrong type of fan) from the UEFI.

3. In windows what is more concerning is that I noticed that when I try the fan config through Fan XPert4 (default the fans run quite loud) sets the CPU fan header very low in terms of RPM speed. I first noticed this when investigating why the LED for the Enermax logo was failing to light. Turns out the Fan XPert 4 had overridden my choice and instead was running in ' Smart' mode with no RPM. When I set it ot Fixed RPM and full '2850' rpm (to put full power to the pump) the enermax logo lit up again and I could tell that the pump was active.

Has anybody else experienced any of these issues?

I apologise in advance if this is a stupid question but am I right in assuming that putting the pump (connected to the cpu fan header) to max fixed RPM mode (to send full power load to the pump) is the correct thing to do here.

Thanks for your help.

Level 13

Level 12
canadaTom wrote:

Configuration of my waterpump:
- Pump attached to the CPU fan header
- 360 (3 X Corsair ML120) attached to the HAMP fan header.

test the whole thing like that: the waterblock to the "cpu_opt" pins and the radiator fans to "cpu" pins. 😉



This is a very old issue that keeps having issues

901 is bit better but no go

it also adds more problems then its worse like dropping 1/2 memory channels

disabling usb storage on IO sheild that in return makes uefi flashback disabled

0012 fixes the memory issues but you still can not use flashback

- good luck