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TRX40 and X570 fTPM update

Level 9
Asus, what's the ETA on the BIOS update that AMD released last month?

Level 7
Have you been able to get an eta from Asus on this? I'm on a TRX40 as well. and this stutter is driving me nuts, especially knowing that a fix has been released by AMD months ago.

Nope not a peep, their social team just keeps asking if AMD has released it.

Level 8
+1 AGESA V2 for TRX40 boards !

BIOS update your Threadripper motherboards ASAP instead of ignoring people who paid a premium should go without saying, ASUS...

It's amazing, none of the AMD boards have gotten an update since AMD fixed the stuttering. All boards have the sticker "Windows 11" Ready written on the website - while none of them really are, since you get occasional stutter in Win 11. And this is the Agesa update Asus choose to ignore.

Remind me to never buy an Asus motherboard again, their support stinks and now they clearly don't care about their customers either. They should have released this BIOS update instantly after AMD released it, which was late April - Like the other motherboard manufactures all ready has, long time ago.

Level 7
Has anyone heard pr gotten any news from Asus about this? I'm trying to find some info, at least a confirmation that Asus will at one time update the bios with a fTPM fix, but I cannot find anything.

Also it really annoys me that they claim all x399 and X570 boards are Windows 11 Ready, when they haven't released the Agesa fix.

Nope, nothing at all.

Filed an official bugreport in the first week of February aswell. They just don't give a crap (excuse the language but that's well deserved by now).

Level 7

I know the last post was from 22, I wanted to ask here to see if the 1802 update helped with this.