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Technical explaination of PCIE dipswitches?

Level 7
Curious feature of this board are the dipswitches that supposedly disable individual PCIe slots. Does anyone know how exactly they do that? Is it the card boots but is thrown in some kind of sleep or does it physically remove power from the device? I'd love to do PCIe hotswap for example but for reasons I can't explain I'm unable to get the board to do a rescan after powering a slot back up.

This is also an attempt to work around another problem I'm having with posting at all when populated with two 1080TIs. I can toggle one slot off and boot, toggle it back on and see the card has power (LED's are on), but again can't get linux to trigger a rescan. I have no problem doing this on other boards so I'm at a loss as to what is going on. Can't find any documentation on either the switches nor platform itself 😞

Any ideas?

Level 13
I do believe the sole purpose of the switch is for troubleshooting. It would allow you to isolate a problem quickly without removing or having to break down your system in the event of a problem.