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Rog zenith extreme 2 alpha memory test 00 help

Level 7

So I have the motherboard with 3990 threadripper 256 gig ram 3090 gpu and ap1200 psu latest bios , for a year everything was working fine then one day turnd on computer got Memory test 00 no post,  no power on gpu. Took out ram gpu tried new psu same , connected old psu it's working put everything back in its fine for a month , then same thing happend done same thing after a while it works for a week's then again it happens every day now. One time i left it on memory test for 30min and then it booted it self fine , As my psu has lcd that shows v usage it shows 12v only uses 6v but when it's running fine it goes to normal over 200v . I've seen allot of same problems with stuck on memory test 00 but no fix. BTW my temps were always 57 for cpu please help.