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RamDisk in Windows 10

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Hey everyone,
Does anyone have RamDisk running in Windows 10 with Zenith Extreme? I've read a couple thread's regarding this cool application and I'd like to make in run on my operating system. But the problem is I can't 😞 I have the USB drive from the motherboard with the program. I run it either from AsusSetup or Setup, both executable files, restart my PC and then after running it as administrator it load's. Here's the thing though, while installing, I get an error that the installation has failed although it proceed's to finishing it.
Does anyone know how to properly install this application? After loading application, I can set the desired random access memory usage, however after pressing the ADD button, I get an error of not creating the virtual drive. Also, I don't see any ssd's listed for the virtual volume. Am I doing some wrong?